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With the New Year on the horizon it’s time to take a look back over 2017 and explore what happened to the big calls that […]

Dec 19 2017

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Macron_Legislative elections_1306

After the big victory of the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron against the riskiest far right candidate in Europe Marine Le Pen, Europe and France are […]

Jun 13 2017

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It looks like we are going to have a hot summer ahead, as we are very close to some key events in Europe, including Greece, […]

May 31 2017

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Merkel_German elections_1505

The global news stations were busy over the weekend covering the biggest cyber-attack in the history, which affected more than 200,000 businesses across Asia, Europe, […]

May 15 2017

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inflation expectations

The US Dollar Index managed to rise since the beginning of the week, amid a lack of fundamentals across the board, whether in Asia, Europe, […]

May 09 2017

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Le Pen_Macron_FE Update_0405

Ahead of the final round of voting in the French presidential election, to be held on Sunday, May 7th, the two remaining candidates, Marine Le […]

May 04 2017

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Gold_Precious metals

For the past two weeks, metals have been declining gradually after multiple months of gains, leading both Gold and Silver to rise to new levels, […]

May 03 2017

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FTSE, Indices

Global equities saw a notable rebound since the beginning of last week, following the first round of the French Election results. Global equities added an […]

May 02 2017

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Macron_French Election

It’s Monday, the 1st of May of 2017 and the second round of the French election is less than 6 days away, where such election […]

May 01 2017

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Le Pen_Macron_FE_Update_2704

Macron & Le Pen into Final Round Following the results of the first round of voting which saw centrist Candidate Macron taking the lead with […]

Apr 27 2017

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