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RBA, RBNZ, BoE interest rate decisions

The week ahead will see a continuation in the central bank meetings. The lineup includes the Reserve Bank of Australia, the RBNZ and the Bank […]

Feb 05 2018

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UK GDP stays resilient

Economic data from the UK was mixed last week as both the wage data and the GDP data were released over the week. However, the […]

Feb 01 2018

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Janet Yellen

Summary: No changes expected to Fed funds rate which remain at 1.50% January Fed meeting will be the final FOMC meeting chaired by Ms. Yellen […]

Jan 31 2018

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Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is the channel through which a central bank seeks to manage the economy, through controlling the money supply and setting interest rates. It […]

Jan 24 2018

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Bank of Canada rate hike

The Bank of Canada rate hike kicked off the New Year with an interest rate lift of 25 basis points. The rate hike by the Bank […]

Jan 23 2018

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gold prices

Gold prices enjoyed a stellar rally in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. As the markets across the world plunged, investors sought […]

Jan 18 2018

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Bank of Canada is set to hike rates

The Bank of Canada is set to hike rates this week and will be holding its first monetary policy meeting of the year. According to […]

Jan 17 2018

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The U.S. Federal Reserve will be concluding its two-day FOMC meeting on Wednesday this week. According to the futures markets, the 30-day Fed funds rate […]

Dec 13 2017

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BOC_Canada's inflation_2403

The monthly inflation data from Canada due to be released today will set an important market for the Bank of Canada. Central bank officials are […]

Oct 20 2017

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Theresa May_Brexit_Negotiations_1906

The common currency was seen giving up more than half the gains made last week as price action in EURGBP was bearish. Closing at 0.8892 […]

Oct 17 2017

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