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stock CFD

As we previously explored the differences between trading stocks and forex, let’s now look into the difference between Stocks and Stock CFDs. Many MT4 forex brokers […]

Feb 13 2018

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Stocks Threatened

In last week’s piece, I asked if rising bond yields could threaten gold prices. Today’s question asks whether the rise in bond yields will endanger […]

Feb 08 2018

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After two weeks of a choppy trading in most of the global equities, due to the global geopolitical tensions, some of these indices tried to […]

Aug 25 2017

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Euro Dollar_Technical outlook

Despite the recent remarks by many of the Federal Reserve members last week, the US Dollar failed once again to sustain any gains across the […]

Jul 12 2017

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Despite the fact that global equities have been declining a little bit since the announcement of Barclays scandal with Qatar, global equities are still near […]

Jun 21 2017

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After the sad events that occurred overnight in the UK – Manchester, we have noticed some negative impact on the markets, including Asian equities, European […]

May 23 2017

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It was definitely the most interesting day in the market since the US President Donald J. Trump was elected. Volatility increased significantly, fears index soared, […]

May 18 2017

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Despite the fact that the political conditions in the US are worsened, while the earnings seasons so far seems to be positive, the US equities […]

May 10 2017

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inflation expectations

The US Dollar Index managed to rise since the beginning of the week, amid a lack of fundamentals across the board, whether in Asia, Europe, […]

May 09 2017

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FTSE, Indices

Global equities saw a notable rebound since the beginning of last week, following the first round of the French Election results. Global equities added an […]

May 02 2017

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