Unstoppable Canadian dollar

Despite all the attention commanded by the US dollar, its Canadian counterpart remains the strongest performing currency since the start of the month and the beginning of the quarter. Negotiations to save the North American Free Trade… Read More

Inside Gold-USD Relationship

As the US dollar rally enters its 4th consecutive week – the longest series of uninterrupted advances since September – the following question needs to be asked? Can the strengthening of the USD continue without any technical breakdown in… Read More

Gold Nearing Breakout

Most gold bulls have been holding on to long positions for months, if not years anticipating the next big breakout.  It was almost one year ago when gold made a successful break above the six-year trendline resistance, extending from the… Read More

Carney Cuts Cable

The pound sustains its biggest weekly decline in over four months after the Bank of England governor sparked a rethink of interest rate hike expectations for next month’s meeting. Is the BoE the latest central bank to panic over the rapid… Read More

CAD: Expectations Vs Reality

You must be wondering why I keep writing about the Canadian dollar. My first article for this column was on September 13, followed by October 11 and January 17. Over the last 12 months, the Canadian dollar has risen 8% against the US… Read More

April and Q2 Seasonals

March was a roller-coaster month for the markets. Sentiment and themes flipped repeatedly, especially with flows dominating the final days of the month as the end of quarter loomed. The British pound was the top performer of the month,… Read More