The Week Ahead: Not So Fast

GBPJPY Bounces Off 4-Week Low The pound sterling has begun a tentative recovery after giving back all its gains in June. However, its advance might not be a smooth ride as ongoing Brexit talks may stir up volatility. The EU’s… Read More

The Week Ahead: Long March

USDJPY Softens on Grim Outlook The Japanese yen continues to show resilience against the US dollar after hitting April’s low. The Federal Reserve’s dovish outlook has injected some discomfort into investor sentiment. Meanwhile,… Read More

The Week Ahead: All In

EURJPY Surges as ECB Props up Economy The euro rose to a 13-month high against the Japanese yen as markets unwind their safe-haven bets. Broad optimism has found support from the ECB’s latest effort to stimulate the bloc’s economy.… Read More

The Week Ahead: Price of freedom

EURGBP Rises Over Brexit Impasse The euro was put back on track thanks to the 500 billion euro recovery fund recently agreed between France and Germany. The much-awaited stimulus package is likely to boost investor sentiment for the… Read More

The Week Ahead: The Limbo

EURAUD Under Pressure for Lack of Positive Catalyst While the euro has been hammered by bitter dissension lately between members in regards to the rescue package, there could be light at the end of the tunnel. As countries started to… Read More

The Week Ahead: The Commitment

EURAUD Sinks as Rescue Drags On The euro is under pressure as Europe’s unity is again in question. While most major central banks opened their balance sheets to revive their economies, the clash between Germany’s constitutional court… Read More

The Week Ahead: The New Normal

EURGBP at Crossroads as UK Reopens The euro is struggling to hold its ground against the pound sterling after a sharp retreat to the March lows. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s statement that Britain was past the peak of the pandemic… Read More