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Orbex: Celebrating 10 Years of Serving Traders Responsibly

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This October, Orbex celebrated 10 years of industry-leading service.

In an event that united staff, business partners, management, as well as his excellency the mayor of Limassol and various esteemed members of the Limassol Municipality, Orbex commemorated the anniversary of its first decade in a wonderful evening filled with music, fireworks and gifts of appreciation.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, one that has taught us all the importance of patience, faith, perseverance, and above all, gratitude.

Today, 10 years into our mission of serving traders responsibly, we are grateful for so many things.

For our dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly to stand by our clients during these uncertain times; for our industry that never sleeps and provides opportunities no matter the circumstances; for our partners who have matched our passion to deliver business as usual.

And most of all, for our loyal community of traders who have stood by us since 2010.

Despite it all, Orbex has a lot to celebrate this year.

From winning Best Forex Broker 2020, to adding over 60 stock CFDs to our range of financial instruments via Orbex Global Ltd, to providing superior trading conditions, we celebrate today the hard work of our team who has remained resilient through it all, committed to upholding our high standard of service despite the hardships.

To our traders, old and new, we thank you for your unwavering support throughout the years.

Our pledge to you is that with each passing year, through thick and thin, we will remain by your side, providing you with the consistent, trustworthy, and transparent service you have become accustomed to receiving.

And on behalf of the entire Orbex team, here’s to 10 more years of serving you responsibly.

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