Se viene un día agitado para el JPY

Japón está preparando para cerrar la semana con un bastante actividad en el calendario económico que podría llevar a volatilidad en los pares JPY. Luego en la sesión asiática que corresponde a viernes en el oriente, los traders estarán… Read More

Controlling Greed When Trading

From a young age, we’re taught about controlling greed. After all, it’s one of the seven deadly sins! But, here’s the thing. It’s important to understand the thin line that separates desire from greed. Whether you aim to make trading a… Read More

Strange Trading Theories

On the surface, trading may seem a little ‘straight-laced.’ Sure there are intricacies to following the volatile markets, but with a host of strange trading theories lingering around things are perhaps not as ‘normal’ or ‘ordinary’ as they… Read More

Orbex 360°

We are kicking off a new Orbex trademark educational category, Orbex 360°. The charts will display a 360 panoramic view on a currency pair or any other financial instrument.  Our market analyst, Richard Tataru, and other market experts will… Read More

What are the 7 Major Currency Pairs?

The global economy is dependent on the highs and lows of different country-specific currencies.  In the forex market, a currency pair is a quotation of the relative value of one currency in terms of another currency. The currency that is… Read More