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Affiliate ABC’s: How to Use Orbex Partner’s Dashboard

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When people make business plans they often overlook the nitty-gritty, the in-between, the actual practicalities involved in pretty much any venture. So apart from actually creating a website and applying strategies, is it not also absolutely necessary to manage your performance and optimize your strategies?

Of course, management of your business is up to you, but if you’re invested enough, you’ll know to work with a broker who caters to your business and provides you with functions that promote growth. I have taken our Partner’s Area for the purpose of accentuating its functions and providing insight to all you Affiliates and newcomers out there.

Orbex partner dashboard

So let’s break down what an affiliate needs. Firstly I would say the most important aspect is the analytics side. Affiliates need to be able to keep track of the W’s who, when and why. This part is crucial since it prompts self-reflection which guides you towards seeing what works and what just doesn’t.

  • Analytics

Who – which geo are you the most successful in, what can you do to better target the geos you’re not converting.

Orbex Dashboard - Best performers

When – At which point did you see the most conversion? Was it around the time you applied a specific marketing strategy?

Orbex Dashboard - IB

Why – Track the source of your converted leads. Did they come from a campaign you did last week? Was it a specific banner?

Accounts Location _ Orbex Partner Dashboard

In this way, you can determine what you should keep running; what needs to change and what needs to simply go.

  • The content

No campaign is true and no website is successful without the right content. We are aesthetic beings, and since we are looking to attract, the material you are going to use should be thought out. Luckily your partnered broker will probably do half the job when it comes to advertising.

Behold your portal to marketing material heaven.

Marketing materials - Orbex dashboard

  • The Money

Let’s not fool ourselves here; your prime goal in doing this is to get some of that greenback, so how can we help you stay on top of your earnings? In this part of the operation, you need to stay updated on the engagement of your converted clients.

Finance_Orbex Dashboard

Lots – Since as an Affiliate, usually, your profit is driven by volume; the volume you get from trading. So the more your referrals trade; the more your account grows in size. Makes sense right?

Commission – No mistreatment; no confusion, no adding numbers up. Instantly calculated balance report means that you can keep track of your earnings at literally all times.  Another plus to this is that you can stay in touch with your operation.

  • The experience

Account reports_Orbex dashboard

When it comes down to it, we all just need some efficiency in the work field.  What can efficiency mean to a webmaster or soon-to-be? For me, it’s to be able to have everything in one place, your material, your money and updated chronicles of your progress. These are all examples of how a successful Affiliate operates.

-Withdraw your funds through the same portal you do all your Affiliate business in.

In the Orbex Partners Area you can also sharpen your mind from time to time; refresh your Affiliate knowledge with eBooks that are provided exclusively for Partners.

Take this info in; especially if you’re fresh meat in the industry, this is what you should be looking for. By all means, you should be optimizing your performance at all times, and this means getting all the support you can from Partners. After all, being an Affiliate is all about networking and operating as a global team.

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