Oil Hits 18yr Low

WTI crude oil declined to fresh multiyear lows not seen since 2002 below $20. With global consumption severely damaged on the lockdown and supply accumulating WTI could weaken further. Gold on the other side isn't looking much brighter… Read More

Crosses Supported From Stimulus

Dollar's weakness seems to be helping the euro, the Canadian dollar and emerging markets not only on the back of record-high unemployment claims but also on the now passed $2tln bill! With that in mind, eurchf and cadjpy could be all set … Read More

Saudis Face Renewed Pressures

With US shale producers now facing bankruptcy, pressures against the Saudis are going to ramp up at G20! Some of the $2tnl now-approved stimulus package will be indeed allocated to US businesses, but the crude's crash has caused… Read More

Fed Announces Infinite QE

It's rather odd seeing the Fed creating modern economics while the White House keeps blocking stimulus aid. The delay is going to play a vital role as to how FX Majors perform, along with the (de)/escalation of the COVID19 infection rates… Read More

Markets Driven by Lockdown

With equities continuing to fall last week investors will struggle to catch a breath despite the short-term relief on the US response. What's really allowing markets to fall further is the lack of a fiscal response while more regions go… Read More

The Historical AUDNZD Flipping?

Aussie keeps deteriorating to historical lows on the back of China, despite the latter supposedly picking. Kiwi, on the other hand, less affected by trade, is likely to get back on its foot quicker. Will we see a historical flipping and a… Read More