With Trump and Kim meeting this Tuesday, UK Unemployment rate, US CPI, UK CPI, FOMC meeting, ECB meeting, the BOJ monetary policy meeting and so much more this week, what could be in store for the FXMajors? [shortcode-variables slug="go2_tradeideas"]  

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Q2 Seasonals

What is Breakout Trading? Breakout trading is simply where we look to capture an expansion in price as it moves beyond either a defined high point or a defined low point. This is the basis of breakout trading and as you will see, is extremely simple. So typically, traders will identify a trading range such as this one where prices are rotating ...

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Best forex indicators webinar

Your success depends on having the right tools. Are you well-equipped to face tough market challenges? Orbex presents a new webinar in “Trading Crash Course” series, which will focus entirely on the best day trading indicators. What indicators are proven to work, how to use them on your MT4, and how to combine indicators to create your own cu...

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Establishing A View On The Market There are many different ways to read the market and establish directional bias; traders can assess fundamental conditions and form a viewpoint based on the comparison of economic indicators and central bank policies, traders can also make purely technical decisions perhaps based on the readings of indicators s...

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