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Stepping Into the Future: Orbex Brings Analytics to Telegram

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Being an industry leader, Orbex knows well how substantial is the prompt reaction on any market movement. But even fast response cannot define success unless you have a dependable source of reliable information. Orbex is excited to reveal our new ultimate analytical instrument and communication channel – Telegram!

Telegram has proved itself as one of the most secure and fast mobile applications in the market, and we believe that it can be beneficial for our traders. With Orbex top-notch analytics and renowned forex experts, we are bringing valuable insights into the most current market trends, offer clues on the outcome of the future events and immediately update you on the critical financial issues – all that directly on your mobile.

Orbex provides you with an unprecedented direct communication tool to make credible investment decisions while keeping in touch with the Orbex Team. Telegram activities will include a mix of analyses, geopolitical notes, announcements and breaking news updates.

The first Orbex expert to join Telegram is Kenny Simon, an FX trader, and educator, who will lead conversation groups, refine the economic data for you and answer your forex questions.

How can you benefit from Orbex Telegram?

  • Tap the innovative research and market developments to help you succeed;
  • Get the tools to make informed investment decisions;
  • Build knowledge and confidence, essential for forex trading;
  • Figure out your financial goals and risk tolerance levels with profound Orbex analytics.

To enjoy the brand-new Orbex service, you will need to install the Telegram (it’s Free) and add Kenny Simon to your list. You will start receiving valuable updates as soon you follow Kenny. Feel free to ask your questions and share your thoughts on the latest events and trading education topics.

See you on Telegram!

Add Kenny @KennyOrbex

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