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Trading tips, tools and tactics with Trading Central

Would you like to master forex trading? While market analysis methods can vary, technical analysis remains one of the cornerstones of forex trading. Together with Trading Central, a leading global provider of investment research, Orbex is organizing a FREE webinar to unlock the secrets of trading forex. What will we talk about? • How to fi...

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Angela Merkel’s Political Ups and Downs: 12 Years as a Chancellor [Timeline]

A former research scientist with a doctorate in physical chemistry, who, reportedly, enjoys making plum pies and used to stay away from politics, is now one of the most powerful women in the world. Angela Merkel, or as Germans call her “Mutti,” mother in German, is now heading all the way to the 4th term as a Chancellor of the Eurozone economic ...

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Top 10 Trading Opportunities |The Second Half of 2017

Would you like to know what will shape the economic landscape during the second half of 2017? What are the best value investing opportunities? We have thoroughly analyzed the most significant market movers and created this ebook for you! Beginning with the Jackson Hole Symposium and ending with December FOMC meeting, we step-by-step unveil hi...

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Forex Questions You Always Wanted To Ask: Interview with Edoardo Ciampelletti

With all the stereotypes and prejudices, surrounding Forex industry, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff and find straight answers to the most commonly asked questions. How much money should you start with? Do you need to have an economics degree to be successful? Or maybe forex is all about plain luck? We have invited Edoardo Ciamp...

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True Champions Never Back Down. Orbex Sponsors WodWars 2016 [Video]

Ambitious? Persistent? Hard-working? Are we talking about a CrossFitter or trader? These two spheres, which seem to have nothing in common, combine the fundamental traits an athlete and a trader must have to succeed. This December, Orbex continues with its long-term New Year tradition of sponsoring a flagship athletic event, WodWars Throwdown C...

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Scientific Trading Seminars at LUM University, Italy

We are excited to announce a new significant educational event which will help to bridge the knowledge gap between theoretical analysis and real-world investment activities. This November, Orbex will conduct Scientific Trading Seminars at LUM Jean Monnet University, Italy. For two days we will be talking about Forex industry and explain the ma...

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FX Knowledge Giveaway: Geometric Trading Seminars in South Africa

One of our priorities has always been the quality, up-to-date education to reach their full potential, avoid common financial mistakes, and find new perspective ways to invest their funds. This is an ambitious goal, and we are ready to achieve it and see our traders succeeding. This October, Orbex University Team led by Kenny Simon, a world-fam...

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Elia Navarro: “My Big Goal Is to Make It to the Crossfit Games in 2018”

The life of an athlete with an endless cycle of championships, workouts, strict diets and unfortunate traumas, just before crucial starts, is rarely exposed. The audience has a chance to witness only the moments of glory and see a glowing winner’s face. Today we will talk with one of the most successful CrossFit athletes, Spanish champion and a...

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Orbex Nominated for 17 Categories in UK Forex Awards 2016!

With just a few weeks until final results, leading financial companies are lining up to challenge for the title of the best in Forex Industry: the voting has officially begun for this year’s UK Forex Awards. This much-anticipated annual event will be organized differently this time: traders will take part in defining the industry leader as well...

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