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Elliott Waves

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About the Orbex Elliott Waves indicator

The Elliott Waves indicator was developed by the Orbex Research and Analysis team to help traders identify strong Buy or Sell signals on the price action of any asset, including trend reversals, trend continuations, and consolidations.

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Trading involves a high level of risk 

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Trading involves a high level of risk

Frequently Asked Questions

The Elliott Wave indicator can help you identify impulse waves that establish the direction of the trend and corrective waves that retrace the trend. The indicator can also help you measure the strength and duration of each wave, as well as the potential reversal points. The indicator can be applied to any market, timeframe, or trading instrument, as long as there is sufficient price data to form a pattern! 

The indicator can help you draw waves, number them, and choose their type on all time frames on your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform. 

One of the most important features of the indicator is its ability to integrate it with the Fibonacci indicator and other indicators on the MT4 platform. 

The full cycle consists of eight waves, starting with a five-wave advance and a three-wave retracement. 

Yes, the Elliott Wave theory is a technical analysis tool that can be used to analyze price movements in the financial market. The Elliott Wave theory can help you forecast future price movements, identify trend reversals, and find optimal entry and exit points. 

Trading involves a high level of risk