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Orbex Autism Awareness Program: Reportage from The ‘Blue Marathon’

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Following the ongoing Orbex commitment to supporting Autism societies, and in continuation of the ‘Blue Day’s Festival’ success in Palestine, Orbex realized that we are capable of doing even more for the community by supporting local initiatives. As a part of our  Autism Awareness program, we had supported another meaningful event, which was focused on bringing happiness and the spirit of equality to a life of children on Autism Spectrum.

Once again Orbex has turned to Balad Society for Development and Creativity, a non-profit organization that works to support and advocate for families, which are dealing with autism. Since the ‘Blue Day Festival’, we were fascinated by their devotion and the ability to combine support, charity, and entertainment, to create a unique experience for children.

This time, Balad Society have organized an incomparable event, a marathon, to promote social inclusion through sports and active lifestyle. The ‘Blue Marathon’ offered an action-packed series of events: race, yoga and fitness workouts; children could even enjoy a dancing masterclass.

From the beginning, it was clear, that we reached the main goal: warm, friendly atmosphere has completely dissolved the social and age differences, regardless of the abilities, children were absorbed in creatively organized fitness sessions.

In total, more than 300 people participated in the inaugural marathon, which became a family gathering place. We see a tremendous potential in this kind of events, as they provide truly enriching, recreational experience, and respect diversity and equality of opportunities for all members of the society.

Orbex will certainly keep supporting the people in need around the world, hoping to make a small difference in improving this people’s lives.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Balad Society for Development and Creativity for their guidance and support of our efforts.

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