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Orbex at ITForum Expo: 5 Things Not To miss

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Yet another big financial Expo is approaching us; this time, Orbex is going to Italy with the keen focus on the European market and an aspiration to introduce Italian traders and investors to the entire spectrum of investment options Orbex provides.

ITForum Expo is promising to become one of the most imposing financial events of Europe and will take place in Rimini on the 19th – 20th of May. Expo is set to deliver two fully packed days of networking, seminars and workshops, concentrating on challenges, Forex industry confronts.

  1. Get a Personal Consultation

Definitely, a large part of the Expo program will be dedicated to the individual investment solutions, and within this section of the Expo, Orbex Team will conduct one-on-one consultations to help the traders to keep up with the constantly shifting forex market.

  1. Meet Our Team in Person

Orbex Team will be represented by Massimo Spinella and Edoardo Ciampelletti, who will facilitate the knowledge-sharing and the deeper understanding of the forex market mechanisms.

Massimo Spinella

Massimo Spinella is an Orbex retention manager with more than 14 years of experience working internationally (USA, England, Italy, and Cyprus), and a background in economics and management. Massimo’s guidance helps traders from all over the world to find their path to forex and organize their trading activities productively.


Edoardo Ciampelletti is an account manager at Orbex and a skilled trader. With his extensive expertise in derivatives, commodities, and currency accumulation, Edoardo can assist traders in improving their long-term investment strategy and finding the optimal way to trade the global markets together with Orbex.

  1. Exclusive Opportunities

Good news for the Expo visitors: they will have an exceptional opportunity to participate in a raffle and win one of 2 iPhones or one of 4 funded live trading accounts! All you have to do is to come to the Expo, find the Orbex team and fill up the raffle ticket.

  1. Rich Conference Program

Apart from the networking opportunities, the expo will be marked by the high-profile presence of the renowned economic specialists, including university professors, leading analysists, heads of the banks and representatives from big financial institutions. All together, they will bring awareness on diverse issues, the global economy faces now, and offer traders a practical roadmap to achieving their financial and business goals.

  1. Learn About The Newest Orbex Products And Services

Our latest products, services, and offers are going to be in the spotlight! Orbex Team will provide you with the full information on how to maximize your trading efficiency, using the Orbex products.

Orbex goes beyond regular communication with the traders and aims to establish an open and long-lasting dialogue to ensure that our clients have every opportunity to reach their investment objectives.

Meet the Orbex Team on the 19th of May (9 – 18:30) and 20th of May (9 – 17:30) at the Booth 32. The Expo will take place at Palacongressi di Rimini.


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