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How Orbex Has Brought the LIUB Campaign to Palestine

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The big Orbex initiative – ‘Light It Up Blue’ campaign in Cyprus has just finished, leaving us the feeling that we should direct our efforts towards making a global social impact. Close acquaintance with people on Autism spectrum and their families revealed the extent of the problems; these people are facing daily. Being socially conscious, Orbex decided to go further with spreading Autism Awareness and alongside with Balad Society for Development and Creativity, organized ‘The Blue Day Festival’ in Palestine.

Balad Society for Development and Creativity is a non-profit organization that works to support and advocate for families, which are dealing with autism. Balad Society finds unique ways to incorporate support and charity into entertainment, and that’s what made ‘The Blue Day festival’ so special.

The Festival was meant to inform the general public about a large range of challenges people with autism are coping with: difficulties with access to quality education and employment, the lack of medical support, and what’s more important, the society who doesn’t want to notice all these problems.

However, ‘The Blue Day Festival’ was not all about the problems, we gathered families to share the joy and show our support. The event featured kid’s favourite cartoon characters, games, music, and the friendly atmosphere.

At Orbex, we believe that this kind of events are fostering face-to-face communication, generate more interest and cultivate potential supporters. Orbex strives to have a positive impact on the communities we serve and extend the processes of social acceptance towards the general public.

*Images are submitted with the written consent of festival participants

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