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Orbex Focuses On Africa: Forex Expo 2016

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Orbex Team is going to South Africa to take part in Africa Forex Expo 2016 on the 13th-14th of May. Traders will have an opportunity to attend the exclusive presentation of Orbex trading education program ‘Scientific FX’.

Africa is entering a new era of rapid development, convincing more and more economic experts in its willingness to play a significant role in the Global economy. Orbex experts are confident in the steady development of African region, and this is the primary reason Orbex has decided to go beyond conventional business cooperation, and increase our African traders’ support through a range of innovative educational and technological solutions.

[Tweet “‘Knowledge is like a garden: If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested’ – African proverb”]

Taking in the consideration our African traders’ request to meet us in person, Orbex is coming to South Africa to participate in the flagship financial event – Africa Forex Expo 2016. The event is designed to accelerate business impact and drastically change the communication ways between traders and the finance.

Who will represent the Orbex Team?

Three members of Orbex Team are coming to South Africa to meet the local trading community, talk about the current gaps in Forex trading education and the way Orbex addresses these shortcomings.

We are certain that quality trading education is a cornerstone of financial success. Meet our team to find out what kind of business opportunities forex education can open for you!

Sozos Nicolaou


Sozos Nicolaou is a Client Relationship Manager at Orbex, a leading international Forex broker, based in Cyprus. Sozos is one of the prominent members of Orbex team, guiding traders through market turbulence and helping them to make confident steps to success in forex trading. Born and raised in South Africa, Sozos understands well the challenges and the possibilities of local traders. He is seeing Forex from African perspective and realizes the tremendous potential of the African market.

Kenny Simon

Kenny Simon

Well known for participants of Orbex Certification Program, Kenny Simon is a renowned FX trader, educator, and author of multiple articles on the global economy is focusing his research on the principles of Geometric trading & Price action, analysing current Geopolitical factors.

Kenny has a wide experience as a trader himself so that he can completely understand the challenges every beginner faces. He conducts a series of live trading webinars, leads Orbex certification courses and ensures traders have a deep understanding of how the market functions.

Werner Riekert

Werner Riekert_Orbex

Werner Riekert is a professional trader, entrepreneur and forex educator, focusing his research on quantitative trading strategies, portfolio optimisation, and backtesting trading strategies. Werner is also an author of multiple trading books, exploring the advantages of business planning applied to various trading plans. Among his most famous works are 5 ‘Point Day Trading’ and ‘Stop Scamming Yourself.’

Being a partner of Orbex in South Africa, Werner shows the opportunities forex education opens for traders. His expertise in business and start-ups, multiplied by years of market trading experience, allows him to develop his original approach to the market.

Meet Sozos, Kenny, and Werner on Friday 13th Of May, at 11:00 (meeting starts) and on Saturday 14th of May, at 11:30. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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