USD Bulls vs Bullfighters – Patterns at decisive levels

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Patterns at decisive levels

The charts are showing, from a technical analysis standpoint with patterns at decisive levels, that the Dollar Index (DXY) could be heading towards significant levels.

USD has been enjoying an impressive bullish rally for an entire month, a swing which was mentioned and explained in the “Is The USD Getting Stronger?” article.

Is it time for the “bull” to rest a bit?

EUR/USD lost a lot of ground this week and so did XAU/USD (gold). This is because the greenback managed to start another bullish intraday swing, a move which was mentioned as possible in the “Draghi On The Mic – Which One Will Be In Trouble? EUR Or DAX?” article.

The USD move was also explained and followed up with the “Intraday Updates – Wave Counts And Projections 14.05.18” video, when multiple views were shared for EUR, GBP, XAU, XAG, YEN, CHF, DAX.

The current wave count for DXY is stating that the dollar’s location could resemble the last 5th wave of a larger degree bullish swing. If this would turn out to be true, then it could lead towards a possible Reversal, resulting in a weaker USD.

EUR and Metals are also showing potential reversal patterns.


Possible scenarios:

  • Dollar Index (DXY) – Bearish
  • XAU/USD – Bullish
  • XAG/USD – Bullish
  • WTI (Crude Oil) – Bearish
  • EUR/USD – Bullish
  • GBP/USD – Bullish
  • USD/JPY – Bearish
  • USD/CHF – Bearish
  • DAX30 – Bearish

Dollar Index (DXY) – 2H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels DYX

XAU/USD – 2H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels XAUUSD 

XAG/USD – 2H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels XAGUSD

WTI – 4H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels WTI

EUR/USD – 2H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels EURUSD

GBP/USD – 2H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels GBPUSD

USD/JPY – 2H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels USDJPY

USD/CHF – 2H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels USDCHF

DAX30 – 2H Chart

Patterns at decisive levels DAX30

Many pips ahead!



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