Richard is passionate about technical analysis with years of charting experience under his belt. When it comes to his insights and how he analyses the markets, he uses leading analysis tools. In particular, Elliott Wave Analysis is his forte, and he dedicates the majority of his time using this analytical method. Richard uses Elliott Waves in combination with Structures, Patterns, Divergences, and then spices things up with Vibration Levels, Fibonacci measurements, Channeling, Break-outs or Flag formations.


Trade War Sentiment – Volatility Spike – Technical Analysis

Many wild swings occurred during the month of June 2018. On the fundamental side, tariff plans and trade war talks have caused some serious volatility, with the VIX presenting a spike in early June. This spike was mentioned as a possibility in the “Orbex Q3 – Market Outlook Report 2018”  report previously released, but also explained during t...

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The World Cup NFP! – LIVE

Kazan Arena is silent… The Fans have disappeared… The pitch is empty, and the quarter finalists are missing… Where is everyone?! Getting ready for the NFP! As you should be! As we enter the quarter finals, Richard Tataru, the Elliott Wave Neymar, will be going Live to see what the score is for the upcoming Non-Farm Payrolls. Before, during...

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Bullish Patterns on Gold – EUR Stronger – Investors looking at YEN

The headline points out towards the possibility of a weaker dollar and investors returning towards the safe-haven assets. All this of course if the wave counts displayed below are the correct ones. Gold and Silver have dropped significantly during the first half of 2018 and the USD has been indeed quite strong. EUR suffered a lot and Indices ...

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Surfing the Waves – Following up the Q3

Today we've got another video from our Elliott Wave analyst Richard Tataru! In today's episode of 'Surfing the Waves', Richard follows up on the recently released Q3 Market Outlook! Updating you with his intraday views on currencies, metals, indices and energy! [shortcode-variables slug="download-now-quarterly-report"]   [shortc...

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OPEC Meeting – Will the OIL Cartel reach an agreement?

Fundamental Analysis & Overview OPEC, the cartel of petroleum exporting nations, are holding meetings today, the 22nd of June 2018. This meeting is held as usual in Vienna and it will most likely have a direct impact on the price of crude oil. The United Arab Emirates oil minister, who is also the President of OPEC, stated recently th...

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Risk-Off Events and Fundamentals Effect – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

In this video, besides the wave counts updates and articles follow-up, Richard is also stepping outside his comfort zone and giving a real-time example on how fundamental events affect the market and how structures become more and more complex over time. [shortcode-variables slug="applyrichardsta"]

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June FED Rate Hike – Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

The Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise the Federal Funds Rate today, from 1.75% towards 2.00% benchmark points. Exactly at 18:00 GMT the FED will issue a statement, which will contain the interest rate outlook, along with its latest economic forecasts. At this stage, the Market already priced in the June Fed rate hike, therefore, ...

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Preparing for the Non-Farm Payrolls, the Elliott way

NFP is approaching, and with it, high volatility is most probably going to occur. Technical Patterns and Fundamentals seem to be lining-up or synchronizing for a rather big move. With the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change and the Preliminary GDP falling short of their projected figures, the USD now seems to become vulnerable. Technically s...

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EUR & XAU Bulls Awaiting Their Turn

Surfs up dudes! Hold onto your boards, it's another episode of Surfing the Waves with Richard Tataru! EUR & XAU Bulls Awaiting Their Turn! During this technical analysis video, Richard is following up on his most recent and successful views, which were previously posted in the “USD Bulls Vs Bullfighters – Patterns At Decisive Levels” arti...

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NFP is Coming!

Following the success of our May the 4th be with you, Live NFP webinar, Richard Tataru our Elliott Wave Jedi, will be going LIVE once again to analyze the upcoming Non-Farm Payrolls. Before and during the NFP release Richard will be looking into the FX Majors, Indices, Commodities and Metals to look at what is in store for the market followin...

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