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Gateway To Trading: Orbex Awarded The ‘Best Education Provider 2016’

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Orbex wins the ‘Best Education Provider 2016’ award, confirming its leading status in forex education.

We are delighted to announce that Orbex has won a prestigious award the ‘Best Education Provider 2016’ by authoritative online analytical portal FXDailyInfo. The award came as a result of the open voting, that took place during the March-April 2016. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to traders and investors, who considered Orbex as a primary destination for learning and trading.

This award became a logical outcome of a hard work of all Orbex Research Team. We understand that great achievements in forex trading start with the high-quality trading education, and this is a prerequisite condition for making well-thought investment decisions.

At Orbex, we realize the value of real-life trading knowledge, and this is the main reason why we have launched an innovative educational project ‘Scientific FX Series.’ This project aims to build a hands-on market knowledge mixed with the rich scientific basis.

What began as a standard part of any forex website has grown into an ambitious project which branches out into different spheres of forex trading, economics, geopolitics, and risk management. Empowering our project with a personalized approach, allowed us to create a unique learning environment with full free access to all educational resources. Complementing each other certification programs, webinars, tutorials, seminars, eBooks and full market analytics became an integrated solution that forex market has never seen before.

Orbex has picked Kenny Simon, a renowned forex educator, and trader, to lead the efforts to materialize the new educational concept. A proven leader in making trading ideas inspirational and easy to understand, Kenny, managed to develop a new holistic view of teaching and preparing participants for active trading. Together with partner-strategists, Kiana Danial, and Ashraf Laidi, Orbex Educational Programs set the highest standard of the quality trading education.

We are not going to stop on that; some really exciting surprises are just round the corner: expect deeper integration of Orbex analytics with Education. See you in the class!

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