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Light It Up Blue! Cyprus Joins Autism Awareness Day

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On Saturday, 2nd of April, Orbex was honoured to join one of the biggest social events of the year – ‘Light It Up Blue’ (LIUB) campaign in support of those, diagnosed with Autism.

As one of the leading online forex brokers, Orbex, has realized the importance of securing social acceptance. Autism affects nearly 1% of all Earth population, and this social challenge requires more than purely domestic focus and efforts of just one company. A large part of people with autism don’t have access to quality education and medical support, not to mention their limited employment opportunities.

This year we joined the LIUB campaign to show that all together we can make a big difference! We concentrated on promotion of the event, to raise awareness of the problems people with autism face to the general public. However, We did not limit ourselves to standard marketing means; Orbex Team has done an enormous work to inform private institutes, development and treatment centres, and private companies about the event andAutism.

We were happy to see how many people responded to our invitation to join LIUB, many of them brought their families and friends. In total, thousands of people across Cyprus took part in the celebration of unique abilities people with Autism have.

In terms of social responsibility, Orbex was guided by two aspirational goals: to spread the autism awareness, and to encourage social acceptance and support.

Moreover, this is a priority area for Orbex; we are committed to making social supporting easier. We believe that only together, we can empower kids and adults with autism, show them our love and readiness to help them.


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