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The ‘WODWARS’ CrossFit Competition Highlights

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Early Sunday morning on the 13th of December, the entire Orbex team was already peppy and excited on the stadium to watch the ‘WODWARS’ Europe CrossFit Competition.

This year Orbex was honoured to be one of the major sponsors of the European ‘WODWARS’ CrossFit competition. As well, we have taken the responsibility to support two talented and devoted athletes: Elia Navarro and Klaus Uggerhoj!

The competition was definitely one of the brightest moments for the team and it has left the most unforgettable memories of the year.
Follow our #TradeFit campaign and visit our photo gallery, filled with the victorious moments!

The ‘WODWARS’ Competition is over, but our #TradeFit campaign is just starting! Get ready for more updates about our athletes and more useful tips on how to stay fit and be always ready to trade!

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