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#TradeFit Idol: Klaus Uggerhøj

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Do you want a great example of combining a financial career with the impressive athletic achievements? Orbex is proud to sponsor a young and promising athlete from Denmark – Klaus Uggerhøj.

We were anxious to find someone with the economic background to show our traders that being successful in sports and finance is more than achievable. Let’s see, how Klaus is reaching his goals!

Klaus started his athletic career with martial arts and strength training, and then he felt the craving for something new. As many other athletes, he was looking for a competitive environment and constantly changing training conditions. That’s how Klaus started practicing CrossFit 5 years ago.

TradeFit Klaus Uggerhoj
Taking first places in CrossFit competitions, he didn’t forget about his professional career and studying. This summer, Klaus is going to become a Master of Science in International Business Economics.

We hope that Cyprus will bring him luck. Come to support Klaus on 13th of December, 2015!
Stay tuned for our updates.

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