May likes Volatility

The charts and overall technical analysis points towards the possibility that the volatility could be coming back with a bang, just like it did in the beginning of February, when global Indices seriously dipped to unexpected lower grounds. March was filled with wild swings, with multiple fundamental events and uncertainty, causing complex cor...

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Checking in with the FXMajors

In this weekly update from PIA-First we are Checking in with the FXMajors and what could potentially occur. We delve into the technicals for the week ahead. [shortcode-variables slug="confidenttotrade"]  

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USD Bearish View - Corrective Patterns and Analysis Update

In this episode of Surfing the Waves, USD Bearish View - Corrective Patterns & Analysis Update, Richard uses technical analysis to point out patterns possibly ending or changing trends, resulting in the probability of a softer USD. He looks back at some of his previous analysis articles like; Is the USD getting stronger? and Market Shift ...

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Surfing the Waves Analysis Performance

In this prequel to our Live NFP Webinar on May the 4th 'Surfing the Waves Analysis Performance', Richard Tataru looks at his previous technical analyses to asses the performance and effectiveness of his Elliott Wave techniques. Orbex presents the first webinar of its kind - 'Trade like a Jedi'. Prior to the NFP release, Richard will be analyz...

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