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Join Our Masterclass Webinar: “Using Price Patterns in Trading” | 9-06-2023

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Don’t miss your chance to attend another Orbex Trading Masterclass webinar: “Using Price Patterns in Trading” with leading industry expert and seasoned market analyst David Kindley.  

Do you want to learn how to identify and trade price patterns in the financial markets? Register to join our live webinar on Friday, June 9th, 2023, at 12pm GMT and watch an experienced trading professional demonstrate some of the most successful price pattern trading strategies in real-time.   

Price patterns are formations that appear on the price charts of different assets, such as forex, stocks, commodities, and indices. They can help traders anticipate future price movements, identify trading opportunities, and manage risk. During this one-hour webinar, David will give you a thorough introduction to pattern trading and teach you how to recognize and trade the most common price patterns, such as triangles, wedges, flags, pennants, and head and shoulders. He will also guide you through proven trading strategies using Orbex’s exclusive market-scanning tools and indicators to take your pattern trading to the next level, illustrating his techniques live on the MT4.  

Get ready to learn how to create your own price pattern trading strategies and how to apply what you’ve learned to real-time market scenarios, step-by-step with a market pro! During the webinar, you will also be able to ask David questions live and interact with other traders. 

What you will learn:    

✅ How to identify price trends 

✅ Trading with price breakouts and reversals 

✅ Applying Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions 


This webinar is available exclusively for Orbex clients with live accounts and is part of the Orbex Trading Masterclass series. The Orbex Masterclass is free to attend and covers the most important trading principles, techniques, and strategies for CFD trading on forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and futures. From learning about how market events impact different markets to watching exclusive trading strategies being applied in real-time and having your questions answered, the Orbex Masterclass offers you a comprehensive free trading course by some of the industry’s most renowned market analysts and trading coaches. 

The Orbex Trading Masterclass courses will run from May to June 2023 and will give you the opportunity to earn a free Certificate in Online trading, provided you have completed the entire series and respective quizzes.  

Follow the link below to register for the Orbex Trading Masterclass today!  



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