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Q3 2022 Market Outlook – Inflation, Recession, Recovery: What’s next for the markets?

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Orbex Announces Q3 Market Outlook Webinar

It’s been a turbulent first half of the year with surging inflation, central-bank tightening, an ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict and runaway energy and food prices. The question on everyone’s mind right now is – what happens next? The Orbex Research and Analysis team sets out to answer this question in our upcoming Q3 Market Outlook webinar, on July 25th, 2022, at 13:00 GMT.  

Hosted by leading Market Strategist David Kindley and expert Market Researcher Daniel John Grady, our Q3 webinar “Inflation, Recession, Recovery: What’s next for the markets?” explores the most probable market scenarios and what kind of trends we can expect to see in the forex, metal, cryptocurrency, stock and energy markets. 

Join our exclusive Q3 Outlook Webinar for free and watch our industry-leading experts break down the most probable market scenarios for Q3 and share their exclusive projections in real-time.  Discussion topics will include:   

> Are we in for a global recession? What kind of opportunities can we expect?   

 > Ukraine: How will the conflict end and how will it impact gold, energy, and oil prices?  

 > How will Central Bank policies impact major forex pairs?  

 > Will Covid restrictions be back and what could that mean for global stock markets and major indices?  

The Orbex Research and Analysis Team will dive deep into all these questions and more during our live Q3 webinar. Don’t miss this one-time opportunity to hear what our industry experts think will drive the markets in the upcoming months and have your questions answered live. Follow the link below to register for our Q3 Market Outlook webinar today.  

Join Q3 Webinar 

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