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Which Game Of Thrones Character Would Make the Best Trader?

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By now, we all know that trading isn’t just about strategy, practice, and confidence. It’s also about discipline and following a strict set of rules that you have to set for yourself!

You can have the best strategy in the world and still fail. Have you ever wondered why?

It all comes down to personality!

Still confused? Let’s put it in terms we can all understand!

We’ve analyzed the personality traits of 13 Game of Thrones characters and ranked them in order of who would make the worst trader, to who would make the best!

Pay close attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each! It just might help you work on your own trading psychology…

No.13 Arya Stark


“I’m going to kill the queen”

Arya isn’t the most patient type. In fact, I consider her lucky to be alive given her boldness. She likes to take risks whatever the price, which means she would be very dangerous as a trader. Despite her creative mind, and her ability to adapt to situations by hiding behind faces, her impulsiveness means virtually “no one” would trust her with money… And neither would I!

No.12 Daenerys Targaryen

“I will take what is mine with fire and blood”

If Daenerys were a trader she would be almost as bad as Arya. Revenge kills most traders, and there are no dragons to save you in the world of Forex! While Daenerys definitely has the ability to identify opportunities and see them through, she would surely struggle to make the right choice. Indecision and idealism don’t really fit in trading.

No.11 Cersei Lannister

“Everyone who isn’t us is an enemy”

Fearless and hard to intimidate or scare, Cersei is emotionally stable…(ish). When it comes to decision making though, think again. Despite her ability to strive through hard times, she judges too quickly and impatiently. This would not help her in the world of Forex, as a trader needs to take their time analyzing long-term trends before making a decision! 

No.10 Tyrion Lannister

“Death is so final, yet life is full of possibilities

Resourceful and smart, Tyrion would be able to set a good trading plan, but would he be able to follow it? Tyrion is compassionate, but gets easily bored! Unfortunately, trading is a long-term commitment that takes time to perfect, so his short attention span might cause him some problems as an investor!

No.9 Jaime Lannister

“There are no men like me. Only me”

Jamie is overconfident and careless and his decisions are certainly questionable… After all, he pushed a kid out of a window! While he’d probably make a few good trades in London riding the breakouts, take-profit greed would work against him. And since he is not one to give up, even if that means losing a hand, his stubbornness means he doesn’t know when to throw in the towel and close a position.

No.8 Samwell Tarly

“I’m a coward”

 Sam’s self-esteem is very low, which is why he would probably fail big as a trader. He is in 8th place for two simple reasons. One, his interest in learning and passion for reading, and two, his tendency to avoid conflict. They say no trades are better than losing trades… That alone would allow him to survive. And if need be, he can take a trade or two during sideways markets.

No.7 Brienne of Tarth

“Don’t Believe the Hype”

 Hard to trick, Brienne doesn’t believe in the hype and would probably do better than the rest. With a good ability to judge Kingslayer’s past crimes, she would make a few good swing trades. However, her devotion to serving others and putting her life in danger for other people’s safety brings her to number 7. Better safe than sorry Brienne…

No.6 Jon Snow

“All that time I was gone, it was as if I went to sleep for a year”

Jon would make an average trader as he has a great set of values and always makes the most reasonable choices. He would probably fail in volatile markets all alone as he would be too slow to react… but he would be comfortable around Asian trading times, next to Samwell perhaps? You could be higher up in the ladder Jon, but the problem is that “you know nothing”!

No.5 Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish

“Always keep your foes confused. They cannot know what you are like to do next”

Littlefinger’s intelligence would probably allow him to advance to an intermediate level. And since he is good at coin and finance as the former head of customs at Gulltown, he would be able to build a good record. His manipulation tactics would help him understand markets better, but they’re also what got him killed. His tendency to stick his nose where he shouldn’t would probably get him to trade risky exotics where he’d end up losing…

No.4 Lady Melisandre

“The Lord of Light stands behind

Focused on strategy and implementation, Melisandre would do anything to win, even use a shadow monster! Her confidence would make her a good trader and her determination to seek the truth would help her learn all about the big players. But, would she trade alone? Probably not. After all, all she did was help Stannis carry out her strategy… or someone else’s…

No.3 Stannis Baratheon

“We March Forward”

Stannis is disciplined and always follows logic and rules. While his trading strategy would probably be set by Melisandre, Stannis would be able to carry it out responsibly. He never gives up when he puts his mind to something, which can be both good and bad when chasing trades. Overall, he’s a successful trader but I wouldn’t expect large returns on his account.

No.2 Night King

An unstoppable ruler who is able to put together forces that break mountain walls, the Night King would definitely be able to make good profits. In fact, he’d likely do it through scalping given his character. His determined spirit appears first when he locks eyes with Jon. Discipline in achieving goals and without fearing losses, he is more likely to survive more than everyone else… except for maybe…

No.1 Bran

“Bran Knew”

Bran has the ability to move through space and time, see the past and devise complex theories. Honestly, this boy could trade with his eyes shut – literally. To put it simply, Bran sees the future. No one could ever beat him. And every trader in the world wishes they could have his clairvoyant abilities!

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