Franc Continues Soaring

The US Treasury call on Bern last Monday took Swiss Franc to a Sep ‘18 high against the #dollar. Pound also rose, perhaps on macro expectations and EC’s comments on the transition deadline, whereas #Aussie, despite being strong on… Read More

And Now Brexıt!

The US and China signed a partial deal yesterday, putting a temporary stop to global uncertainty! Are emerging markets affected by the fresh rhetoric, or should we just focus on #monetarypolicy? Markets are now looking at the EU and UK.… Read More

Trade the NFP Live

Our Head of Investment Research, Stavros Tousios, will be going LIVE to give you exclusive insights into this month’s NFP data release. Watch as he takes you through his pre and post data release analysis, diving into FX Majors, Indices,… Read More

US-Iran Tensions Soften

Iran will most likely retaliate and perhaps the first move will involve the disruption of oil shipments through the State of Hormuz. But, what will China say to that, given nearly 50% of its imported oil comes from the Gulf region?… Read More