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MIFID II – The Big Brother of The Global Finance Industry… Are you ready?

As of the 3rd of January, MIFID II has set out to change the way retail investment firms operate. Guess what… it affects all of us. The Global Financial Crisis has created a global epidemic of trust issues sweeping the industry, so tighter regulations have been lurking round the corner for a while now. The reforms involved in the MIFID II are...

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Introducing Brokers: A culture trip around the globe

There are countless Introducing Brokers working with FX brokerages all around the world at growing rates, despite the internet revolution. The beautiful and authentic thing about IB’s working on a global scale is that they get to preserve their work ethic tactics to a certain extent, unlike affiliates who must conform to the global customs of th...

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A Day in the Life of an Affiliate

After some interviews, some back and forth with Orbex Partners and from my own experience, of course; I have narrowed down the most common practices that shape the work day of a freelance affiliate. Morning Routine Imagine your work day beginning as soon as you wake up in the morning. That’s the daily schedule of a freelance, committed affil...

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SEO – The Complete How to Guide for Forex Affiliates

Everyone has got to understand the importance of SEO. What is Search Engine Optimization? – Broken down: Scanning and Indexing Information The engine is an automated robot that ‘crawls’ like a ‘spider’, extracting coded information found in all interconnected documents on the internet. It then takes the extracted information and stores i...

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Forex Affiliate Guide: How to Define Your Target Audience

Finding your target audience can be a tough wall to crack. Even though it is a standard marketing practice; many webmasters don’t put enough time in identifying their target audience but can you really blame them? It is a time-consuming process indeed; however, the time you save on not doing proper research will find you later on, when you’ll ha...

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Forex Affiliate FAQ: Your Questions Answered

The sum total of every Forex Affiliate FAQ you’ve ever asked can be found by asking yourself the right questions, so pay attention and get your answers through self-reflecting. Why are affiliates important to brokers? Let’s start from the very beginning, why are Affiliates important to Brokers, and on a grander scale to any business. The ans...

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Interview with IB: Kunendiran Subramaniam on FX Education & Choosing Brokers

Today, we are speaking to Kunendiran Subramaniam.  Kunen has extensive experience in FX marketing research and analysis. He has worked as an engineer for the better half of his life, but for the past three years, he has been a Key leader, Introducer, and Agent in the FX Industry with over 600 clients in Malaysia and Singapore. He has also been a...

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Affiliate ABC’s: How to Use Orbex Partner’s Dashboard

When people make business plans they often overlook the nitty-gritty, the in-between, the actual practicalities involved in pretty much any venture. So apart from actually creating a website and applying strategies, is it not also absolutely necessary to manage your performance and optimize your strategies? Of course, management of your busines...

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Interview With Haroun Kola: How I Became an Affiliate

Today, we are speaking to Haroun Kola, a well-known forex blogger, who dedicates his time to help beginners enter financial markets safely. Haroun writes about the ways affiliate marketing is funding his lifestyle and tells how he managed to create an online community of forex affiliates and traders. Is it easy being a brokerage Partner? I...

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Introducing Brokers: In or out of the game?

The role of the IB is a pinnacle in the wold of trade; however, the World Wide Web revolution may have impacted this role substantially along with other factors that have blurred the lines. Now for a little history lesson; let us examine how the meaning of this term has changed over the years. When the industry was only just building itself, IB...

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