3 Best Financial Markets News Resources for Free

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Do you prefer to separate fact from fiction when it comes to market news? Do you prefer a free yet very reliable resource that you can lean on when it comes to understanding the fundamentals that shape the markets every day? In this article, we cover some of the best resources that you can rely upon to get the latest market news to help you make a more informed decision on trading.

For professional traders, one cannot stress more on the importance of relying on the market news. Whether your trading style is a purely long term or intraday, knowing what’s happening in the markets and more importantly, filtering out ‘opinions’ from facts can play an important role in shaping expectations of what the markets can or could do.

In a fast changing world where information is available at the click of a mouse, traders can often be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that is available. However, making a distinction between facts versus opinions is important to maintain your trading bias while at the same time digesting the news as it happens.

If you are a professional trader and one who needs to have their pulse on the markets, the following three resources should help you get the facts as they happen and more importantly, at no extra cost to your pocket.

Bloomberg – 5 Things

Bloomberg - 5 Things, newsletter
Bloomberg – 5 Things, newsletter

Bloomberg is one of the go-to websites when it comes to getting a feel of the markets. However, it is common to find opinion pieces as well. For traders who prefer to simply get a summarized view of the markets every day, Bloomberg’s free daily email digest ‘5 things’ can be a great way to get the day’s events delivered to your inbox for free.

Delivered just before the US markets open, Bloomberg’s 5 things you should know email gives you the top 5 stories of the day, with a brief summary and a link for further reading.

You can sign up to the Bloomberg’s 5 Things to know email here. And yes, you won’t get spammed.

The best aspect of Bloomberg’s 5 Things email is that the content is more global and focuses on the macroeconomic developments which are ideal for currency traders. It also covers the Asian markets fairly well, thus giving a complete view of the markets across the globe.

WSJ Moneybeat

Snapshot of WSJ’s Moneybeat newsletter
Snapshot of WSJ’s Moneybeat newsletter

Wall Street Journal’s Moneybeat newsletter is another resource that traders can sign up to. Delivered twice a day, WSJ Morning MoneyBeat and WSJ Evening MoneyBeat, the emails give a recap for the day ahead and a market wrap for the day. However, WSJ’s Moneybeat focuses on the US markets, therefore, the emails are delivered ahead of the US market open and after the markets close.

The information from WSJ Moneybeat is more US-centric and is also more evenly spread across equities and covering the currency markets as well. For traders who like a more well-rounded approach to the market news (but with more US centric news), WSJ’s Moneybeat newsletters are a great way to get the information delivered to you directly.

You can sign up to WSJ’s Moneybeat newsletter here where you can find links to many other topics related newsletters. Other newsletters worth subscribing to include: Markets Alert which delivers big news topics as and when they break (Ex: Nonfarm Payrolls, GDP, inflation, etc.ReaReal-time economics which offers a more comprehensive list of the big news items for the day. The drawback with WSJ’s Moneybeat newsletters is that some of the content is gated and requires a subscription to WSJ.com

SeekingAlpha – Wall Street Breakfast

SeekingAlpha.com – Wall Street Breakfast
SeekingAlpha.com – Wall Street Breakfast

SeekingAlpha’s very own Wall Street Breakfast newsletter is another great resource for traders. Delivered ahead of the US market open, the Breakfast newsletter offers a more thorough and easy to understand the format of the day’s big events. SeekingAlpha’s Wall Street Breakfast newsletter covers the global markets but is more focused on the European and US markets.

The newsletter comprises of the day’s big events, and the information is well structured into Economy and Stocks category and also features any political developments (US elections for example) that could impact the markets.

To receive SeekingAlpha Wall Street Breakfast newsletter, traders will need to register for a free account with Seekingalpha.com.


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