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Empowering African Traders: Orbex Attends Africa Forex Expo 2016

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Orbex meets its African clients in person, during the visit to Johannesburg, South Africa. Throughout the conference, Orbex raises a problem of trading education quality and offers innovative learning and technological solutions to assist traders.

Africa, one of the most promising markets, has been gaining an immense attention from the global financial industry. The reason for this focus is the accelerated growth of African economy and the clear signs that Africa is ready to equally contribute to the international finance sector, rather than being only a consumer of ready solutions.

Keeping that in mind, Orbex Team, led by Kenny Simon and Sozos Nicolaou, arrived in Africa to offer customizable business solutions and advanced trading education to assist African entrepreneurs, investors and traders in confronting the economic challenges.

Orbex already has an impressive number of business partners in Africa, and we were seeking for more tie-ups with local traders and businesses. For these purposes, Africa Forex Expo was chosen as an avenue for international businesses and a premier meeting place for Africa’s Forex professionals.

Orbex Team showcased our progressive business solutions, and we got a vivid response from African traders, who were particularly interested in Orbex partnership programs to develop their own business.

The highlight of the Expo was, definitely, a conference that gathered the best financial experts who discussed the most current trends in Forex industry. Kenny Simon, while representing Orbex, raised a substantial problem of trading education quality, explaining the need for profound theoretical basis and innovative learning solutions.

Kenny showed an overwhelming statistics, stating that more than 50% of traders don’t know how to apply correctly support & resistance levels, and that situation inevitably leads to losses. The lack of the general market knowledge, unfamiliarity with useful trading tools and insufficient practical skills – all together, drive lower than expected trading results. That can be avoided with appropriate preparation and live trading examples.

Orbex is ready to share its expertise for free, and we are excited to see so many expo participants joining our educational program!

Orbex Team can’t wait to visit Africa again and, next time, we hope to see even more Orbex traders there!

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