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#ScienceTrade Seminars: Crossing the bridge between the theory and practice

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This December Orbex celebrated the launch of the Scientific FX Training Series with the grand Asia Tour! The company organized multiple seminars and workshops to demonstrate to traders in Asia that ‘scientific’ trading is not necessarily complicated.

After the success of Orbex’ September seminars in Malaysia, the team was very excited to come back and present its innovative trading courses. Following the hospitality traditions, Orbex couldn’t visit without a present!

On the 2nd of December, 2015 Orbex opened a revolutionary and one of a kind trading center, situated in Johor Bahru. Orbex Training Centre is a place where everyone can tap the knowledge of trading, share ideas and get the experience from accomplished traders and some of the best industry specialists. Orbex was very pleased with the number of supporters who came to congratulate the team for this great achievement.

Welcome to the Orbex Training Centre!

Apart from the opening of the very first Orbex Training Centre, our expert team was conducting educational seminars. To make the program more diverse, we invited the TOP Indonesian trader – Agus Ramadoni, to teach his foremost trading system ‘Tokyo Samurai’.

What is ‘Tokyo Samurai’?

This trading system allows traders to:

  • Learn directly from one of the most renowned and successful mentors in the industry
  • Get full understanding of the technical side of trading: the functions of the ‘Tokyo Profit Zone’, the ‘Range’ trade set-up and the ‘OBOS’ Custom Indicator
  • Advance in trading techniques: Scalping, Intraday, and Long Term
  • Trade in any market conditions with any instruments and turn them into your benefit
  • Practice Money Management skills and learn how to effectively utilize lot sizing

Agus Ramadoni

From Orbex side, our team have presented ‘Geometric Trading’ program. This is one of the most progressive methods of forex trading. Applying Geometric Patterns is a new, yet very developed and productive scientific approach to trading. It utilizes the fundamental mathematical principles and adapts them to accurately analyse the behaviour of the subject trading instrument. Seminars were a continuation of the webinar series that our Kenny Simon is conducting every Tuesday.

We believe that the seminars made a real change in the quality of the trading performance of our traders. We did our absolute best to ensure that theory is presented in a simple and easy to understand way, even for the people who are far from advanced mathematics. Thanks to the Live Trading session, right during the ‘Tokyo Samurai’ seminar, some traders managed to make close to 200 pips! ” – Kenny Simon.

Want to learn more? The registration for the Geometric Trading Certification course is now open!  Join Now!

We have big plans ahead! We are going back to Malaysia and Indonesia soon with our updated educational programs. Stay tuned for our updates!

Now, we would like to share some of our best moments during the trip. Browse Our Photo Gallery

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