Rami Abu-Dra`a is a Chief Technical Analyst at Orbex and a holder of B.S Degree in Banking & Financial Science / Subsidiary Economic. Rami ‘s strategic vision of forex markets, enhanced by more than a decade of trading experience, allows him to efficiently mix fundamental and technical analyses, and find the best investment ideas for Orbex traders.


Dow Jones 2018-04-23

Dow managed to hold trades below resistance 24900-50 which managed to push for first drop correction toward 24370 so far Intraday Levels showing ability for trading zone with rebound correction as long as market holding above 24370 where another rebound toward 24800-50 may hit the market before downtrend back to head to test 23700-900 zone ...

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Gold 2018-04-23

Gold managed to sustain drop after broke below 1340 as we advised last week Market now closing from target and support 1318-20 which may hold trading zone toward 1335-36 levels Below 1318 market may risk for farther drop to test 1305-10 zone which in turn may provide rebound correction Above 1336 more advance to re-test 1350-55 zone is ...

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Oil (F) 2018-04-23

Crude Oil retreated after broke above 68.60 which indicate another chance for drop correction As we see over the chart, Intraday Levels showing ability for trading zone between 67.50 and 69.50 before market add more drop toward 65.60-80 zone which in turn may activate again the uptrend wave toward 75.00 zone Above 69.60 market may sustain ...

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USDJPY 2018-04-23

USDJPY managed to break above 107.90 which may set another advance wave that may target 110.00-50 zone as we advised last week Intraday Levels showing first support at 107.70 where as long as market holding above more advance toward 108.90 and 109.50 is expected Below 107.70 more drop to re-test 106.60 support is expected ...

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GBPUSD 2018-04-23

GBPUSD managed to break below 1.4130 last week which placed more drop pressure to test 1.4040-50 zone Market managed to break below 1.4040 which as we advised last week may placed market on new downtrend wave Intraday Levels showing support at 1.3930-40 which may place trading zone toward 1.4030-50 which in turn may push back the downtrend...

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EURUSD 2018-04-23

Euro managed to hold trades below resistance zone 1.2420-30 which managed to push for another drop wave toward target 1.2250-60 Market managed to break below this zone today in continues drop pressure over market Intraday Levels showing resistance at 1.2250-60 and 1.2310 where as long as Euro holding below one of those resistances another ...

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Dow Jones 2018-04-19

As we advised yesterday and as we see over our previous chart Dow managed to head toward First advance wave from 23300-400 support zone toward 24500 zone Market now showing a rising wedge formation within Intraday levels where resistance at 24900-50 zone while support at 24500 Market may hold trading inside this zone while above 24950 t...

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Gold 2018-04-19

Intraday Levels showing that Gold still have room for this rebound correction as market ability to hold trades between support 1340-42 and resistance 1360-62 Below 1340 more drop toward 1330-32 may hit the market which in turn may push gold up again Below 1330 more drop toward 1318 is expected Above 1362 Gold may head for a try to break...

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Oil (F) 2018-04-19

Crude Oil managed to break above 68.70 which activated another advance which still targeting 70.00 Short-Run may add more advance as market expected the comming saction ove Iran may reduce between 0-800k barrels aday As long as market holding trades above support zone 67.70-68.40 more advance toward 75.00 zone is expected Below 67....

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USDJPY 2018-04-19

As we advised on our last update back to April 10th we advised that market will face resistance zone around 107.90 that if managed to hold the market below another drop correction toward 105.00-50 zone will be expected As we see over our chart USDJPY still holding trades below that resistance level 107.90 which may provide the chance for anot...

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