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How to learn forex trading with #ScienceTrade?

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So many trading strategies are being sold in the market with promises of unbelievable results and huge profits. Let’s admit it, if they were all as good as claimed, we would see new billionaires every day. But wait, where are all those billionaires? Traders need to understand the golden ancient rule of risk and reward, the more profit you expect, the more risk you take. Therefore, we believe that a reliable trading strategy always puts risk management ahead of profitability.

Orbex has been serving individual and institutional traders for years, and we found that lots of traders are using sources that cannot be trusted, strategies that have weak or no logic behind them, and simply information that is beneath criticism.

This is the major reason, why we have dedicated time and resources to build one of the most advanced educational portals in the market. But we soon realized that it was not enough. That’s how the idea of Scientific FX Training Series (or #ScienceTrade in short) came to life.

What is #ScienceTrade?

#ScienceTrade is a scientific way to learn forex trading using the most advanced knowledge and deep understanding of the various factors moving the market. It’s not another ‘profitable’ strategy, #ScienceTrade is a scientific basis backed by years of experience. #ScienceTrade includes webinars, seminars, e-books, and blog posts – all aiming to teach trading in a scientific way.

What is the ‘Scientific way’?

First of all, by ‘Scientific’ we mean applying geometric theories to the charts – Fibonacci sequence, Golden Ratio concept, and patterns. Geometric Pattern Trading has proved its effectiveness over the years. It started from the stocks, but then rapidly moved to the forex market. Learn how to apply it

Another significant aspect of the ‘Scientific way’ is understanding the market. The reality is, that you have to learn geopolitics. Yes, this is the only way to interpret the market news correctly. Geometric patterns together with the knowledge of geopolitics form a powerful instrument, providing trader with versatile approach to the market analysis.

And the third factor is the psychology of trading, the market sentiment to be exact. You should understand the crowd psychology, predict the reactions, basing on the market research you have conducted.

Who is orchestrating #ScienceTrade?

Our main contributor to the #ScienceTrade campaign is Kenny Simon –a trader and educator with years of experience. He spends most of his time sharing his knowledge with traders on how to spot High Probability, Low Risks trading opportunities, while maintaining the consistency in trading results.

Kenny believes that “‘Science Trade’ series of FX Education is dedicated to helping traders learn to trade via modern, innovative & extensively researched methodologies in order to smoothen their journey in becoming ‘Strategic Traders’. A strategic trader would be able to achieve consistency in its results due the cultivated skill of High Probability and Low risks trading opportunities.”

Stay tuned for more #ScienceTrade updates and new educational events!

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