traders guide to backtesting

Following our first installment of the Trader's Guide to Backtesting: Part 1, we'll be delving into backtesting optimisation and curve fitting, out of sample data and optimal optimisation in Part 2 of the series. Optimization & Curve Fitting Once you have verified the quality of the data that your backtest is modelled on, you can run your ...

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trader's weekend

A trader’s weekend is a sacred part of the week, not just for winding down and relaxing but also for ensuring that the week ahead is a productive one. With this in mind, there are a few key activities that traders tend to go through at the weekend, to ensure that they are ready to take advantage of all opportunities over the coming week. So, let...

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Backtesting: To Test or not To Test? One of the key elements which determines whether a trader will become a consistently profitable market participant or join the swollen ranks of losing retail traders, is the individual’s ability to execute a 'rules based technical trading strategy'. The professional trader defines a specific rule set which a...

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ECB minutes

Today's Episode of Fundamental Fun is the release of the minutes from the last ECB meeting, which are officially known as - and that's how they appear in the economic calendar - as Account of Monetary Policy Meeting. So, what are they? When the European Central Bank has it's policy meeting, the decisions that are made are immediately communic...

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Crucial USD Decision

In the newest episode of Surfing the Waves, Richard Tataru is following up on his previously posted views and the way the Market unfolded its swings, specifically addressing the Crucial USD Decision. Richard then steams ahead, continuing the analysis with a fresh update. [shortcode-variables slug="applyrichardsta"]  

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Which Harry Potter Character Would Make The Best Forex Trader?

The Harry Potter series grew to be the most iconic story of a generation and spawned a rebirth of the fantasy genre. While many people enjoy watching the series for its dramatic plot and lovable characters, as Forex traders we are always looking of inspiration, even among child wizards. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to view the c...

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Forex Lessons From Jumanji

When it comes to improving your Forex game, inspiration can come from many different sources. While many traders focus exclusively on the trading screens in a bid to improve their trading ability, sometimes the big screen can offer helpful inspiration too. There are of course many obvious trading films which might be running through your mind no...

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Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder

As the main title holders in the heavyweight division of men’s boxing, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder are two of the biggest sports stars in the world. While the two have risen to the top of their game, they are yet to meet in the ring. As an inevitable showdown draws closer each day, boxing fans around the world are asking “who would win?”. ...

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Learn From Marvel Characters

For those just starting out in the markets, it might seem that to become a successful, full-time trader it would require super human powers. However, it doesn’t. Trading is no different to any other endeavour and the attributes that will eventually help you achieve long lasting success are mostly the same as those needed in any other field. Howe...

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Forex Trading and Other Market

From well-known stocks of blue-chip companies to futures on commodities, there are numerous instruments for trading available to individuals looking to achieve success through their market knowledge and analytical skills. Among all these markets, forex generates the largest turnover. This market with an approximate daily volume of $5 trillion...

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