Are the Markets in Line for a Sharp Reversal?

The economic reopening that headlined the majority of 2021 has led to widespread gains for equities and commodities in Q3. This was amplified by the surging global industrial activity and constrained supply, causing indices to also hit record highs.

Now, as currencies try to find their feet, the world is bracing itself for the upcoming winter. If infection rates spike up again and Covid restrictions return, we could be in for another sharp economic downturn.

As world leaders push for a third vaccine, will booster shots be enough to bring market optimism and mark the end of the COVID-19 crisis? Or are the markets heading for a sell-off?

Find out in this issue of the highly anticipated Q4 Elliott Wave Market Outlook report.

Download your free copy now and access economic and technical insights into the following:

  • Dollar Index (DXY)
  • S&P500 (SPX500)
  • Plug Power (PlugPower)
  • Nikola Corporation (Nikola)
  • Crude Oil (WTI)
  • Glencore (Glencore)
  • Natural Gas (NGAS)
  • BAE Systems (BAE)
  • Royal Caribbean (RoyalCarrib)

Q4 2021 Market Outlook Report

A Review on Q3 2021 and a Look into How Markets
Could Perform in Q4 of 2021

Our Investment Research team proudly presents our Quarter 4 Elliott Wave Market Outlook Report, reviewing global economies in Quarter 3 of 2021 and examining the likely trend themes for Forex, Indices, Metals and Energies, and Stocks in Q4. Analyzing asset prices, patterns, and structures, our professional market analysts construct a comprehensive forecast emanating from market cycles and the way in which historical data and policy signals can change the financial markets.

Q4 2021 Market Outlook Report

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Q4 2021 Market Outlook Report