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In the past few hours, global equities saw tough sessions, whether in Europe, Asia, or the US. Most of the indices saw a decline of […]


Despite the fact that global equities have been declining a little bit since the announcement of Barclays scandal with Qatar, global equities are still near […]


Despite the fact that the political conditions in the US are worsened, while the earnings seasons so far seems to be positive, the US equities […]

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If you have read our previous report on equities, you would notice that most of the indices that we mentioned did move according to our […]

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FTSE 100 Near Record High FTSE 100 managed to stabilise well above its former resistance area which stands at 7100 at the end of January, […]


Global equities are gaining more momentum by the days, some of the indices posted a new record over the past few days, while some are […]

FTSE, Indices

Yesterday’s press conference by the UK prime minister Theresa May had indeed a huge impact on the markets, sending GBP higher across the board by […]

FTSE, Indices

Another day with lack of fundamentals across the board, yet the market volatility is expected to gradually rise through the day, as the Fed Fund […]


Last Thursday, the ECB chairman Mario Draghi again surprised the markets with more confusion. We all know that he is one of the most surprising […]