Reversal Patterns pointing towards Big Swings

According to the current Cycle and Elliott Wave Counts, the Market could be positioned for a shift with reversal patterns pointing towards big swings. Technically, this would translate into dominant trends possibly finalizing the current corrections and continuing towards the completion of their cycles, but after that, probably reversing, wit...

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Surfing the Waves Analysis Performance

In this prequel to our Live NFP Webinar on May the 4th 'Surfing the Waves Analysis Performance', Richard Tataru looks at his previous technical analyses to asses the performance and effectiveness of his Elliott Wave techniques. Orbex presents the first webinar of its kind - 'Trade like a Jedi'. Prior to the NFP release, Richard will be analyz...

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Trade like a Jedi

In the first session of its kind, Richard Tataru our Elliott Wave Jedi, will be with you live to discuss the fast-approaching Non-Farm Payrolls. Prior to the NFP release, Richard will be analyzing and discussing the possible scenarios according to the market position and patterns, giving you some comprehensive preparation going into one of the l...

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The USD has been trading within a Complex Structure, more exactly, within a Double Three Pattern. This has been going on and unfolding ever since the DXY (dollar index) hit the support back on the 25th of Jan 2018 and then started bouncing.   Dollar Index (DXY) – Daily Chart Dollar Index (DXY) – 2H Chart – Corrective Structu...

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Surfing the Waves Technical Analysis Showcase

In this installment of 'Surfing the Waves' Richard is giving us a showcase of his previous performance in light of some upcoming exciting webinars that he will be hosting. Join us to see how Richard used his Elliott Wave analysis to look at the market movement. [shortcode-variables slug="applyrichardsta"]

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