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With the New Year on the horizon it’s time to take a look back over 2017 and explore what happened to the big calls that […]

Dec 19 2017

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Macron_French Election

It’s Monday, the 1st of May of 2017 and the second round of the French election is less than 6 days away, where such election […]

May 01 2017

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Le Pen_Macron_FE_Update_2704

Macron & Le Pen into Final Round Following the results of the first round of voting which saw centrist Candidate Macron taking the lead with […]

Apr 27 2017

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French Election_Gold_2104

Summary: Election campaigning to end on Friday, April 21st mid-night Radio/TV silence to be maintained from Friday onwards Polling stations to open at 8 AM […]

Apr 21 2017

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FE_Marine le Pen_1904

Looking at The Data With the first round of the French elections rapidly approaching (April 23rd), voters’ sentiment appears to have settled around roughly 25% […]

Apr 19 2017

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FE_Le Pen_3003

Polls Show Le Pen & Macron Even in First Round A month out from the first round of voting in the French presidential election, centrist […]

Mar 30 2017

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Le Pen_French elections_Russia_2403

Le Pen Back on Top in First Round Following a recent surge in support for centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, the latest polls show a similar […]

Mar 24 2017

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Stoxx 50_French Elections_2103

The Bull & Bear Statues at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. With the French election race heating up and with the FOMC, ECB monetary policy decisions […]

Mar 21 2017

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Le Pen - French Elections _1303

The French elections are less than a month away, and so far, the uncertainty is just increasing by the days, which likely to lead to […]

Mar 13 2017

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Jean-Luc Melenchon_2202_FE

Jean-Luc Melenchon Problems With The French Left, Keep Potential For Le Pen Victory Alive At the end of last week, bond investors were unnerved by […]

Feb 22 2017

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