turkish lira infographic

Turkish Lira has lost more than 40 percent of its value against the US dollar this year, raising concerns that Turkey's economy, heavily reliant on foreign currency loans, could have a negative impact on other emerging markets. Turkey's currency has been under pressure due to rising diplomatic tensions with the US, President Erdogan's control...

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Major Economic Events 2016

Shocking, unexpected events will become a trademark of 2016. Starting from the ambiguous decision of Bank of Japan with its move into the negative rates territory and to Trump's victory - this year with enviable persistence kept showing why we shouldn’t trust forecasts. Orbex Research Team has prepared a review of the most influential financial...

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Federal Reserve

Ever wondered how the Federal Reserve actually functions? In case, you are interested in what way the most important global economic decisions are taken, we have prepared profound infographics, explaining the structure, functions and the mechanisms behind the Fed.    

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Global economy

Want to see a bigger picture? Financial markets are driven by geopolitical factors. We have picked the major trends that will form political and economic landscape this year. See our infographics to be fully prepared!        

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