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Commodities_Metals crash_1606

Copper: Alternative Demand to Offset China Weakness? After surging higher last week, Copper prices fell sharply lower this week as the US Federal Reserve raised […]

Jun 16 2017

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As noted in our previous report last week, we warned that Gold and Silver are very close to sparking a correction to the downside, after […]

Apr 26 2017

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French Election_Gold_2104

Summary: Election campaigning to end on Friday, April 21st mid-night Radio/TV silence to be maintained from Friday onwards Polling stations to open at 8 AM […]

Apr 21 2017

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Gold traders_French elections_2803

With the FOMC rate hike done with and the Dutch elections passing off with any surprises, the pathway to the first round of French elections, […]

Mar 28 2017

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