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We are kicking off a new Orbex trademark educational category, Orbex 360°. The charts will display a 360 panoramic view on a currency pair or any other financial instrument.  Our market analyst, Richard Tataru, and other market experts will be looking into important markets and present findings from a technical analysis point of view.

Orbex 360° is our response to the reader’s need for better understanding of technical analysis and charts. The 360-degree charts are innovative tools aiming at creating a better experience when analyzing data and news. This way, gone are the days of having to switch from article to graph to follow analyses. We are bringing expert market insights to you in a fun and user-friendly format!

Visit the 360° section on our blog and immerse yourself in the market movements with our cutting-edge panoramic charts. Discover graphs integrating expert technical analysis explanations of currency pairs, indices, and assets.

The charts are interactive and give the reader the option of zooming in and out and moving the image to left and right. The 360-degree graphs display patterns and comments of a specific instrument. The convenience is that you can finally follow chart data and technical analysis in one place.

Orbex 360° makes the readers experience easier by bringing information in a concise and convenient display. Additionally, the concept makes technical analysis fun and exciting as often numbers and charts can be intimidating.

 Join us into the immersive world of 360-degree panoramic charts!

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