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Traders Born in November

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Traders born in November fall either under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio or are on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp. Blessed with a sharp intellect, they possess a flair for the extraordinary and are known to be forward thinking. This is what makes them great financial market players. They are extremely competitive by nature, although often impatient and stubborn too. Let us look at the cocktail of traits of those born in November that could help or hinder their trading experience.

Traits that are Useful in Trading

Traders born in November like to think out-of-the-box. They have excellent observation skills and like to come up with unique and exciting ideas. Highly punctual in life, they do what they have to without second thoughts. Such traits can be a blessing for people involved in trading, a profession that requires a strong presence of mind and quick decision-making abilities. November-born people are curious by nature. Although they might seem withdrawn, due to their keen eye for happenings in their immediate surroundings, they make incredibly loyal friends. In fact, once they make friends, they are accommodating and easily approachable.

People who fall under the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp tend to seek positions of authority in their lives. They are good leaders and like to take care of people they are responsible for. These people are determined and honest and like to seek independence in whatever they do. Qualities such as these are extremely useful in trading, especially for people who head financial institutions or even hedge funds for that matter.

They like to set good examples for fellow traders. Self-motivation comes quickly to them, and they never give up. November-born people are usually seen as excellent teachers and have a lot to offer fellow traders.

Traits that are Bad for Trading

The stubbornness, impatience, and short-temper of November-born traders could affect their other high-level skills. Even with all the right tools in place and intricate knowledge of the market, emotions can negatively impact trading decisions.

People born in November tend to be competitive, which could lead to feelings of jealousy, anger, and revenge. The need for uniqueness and not sticking to the norms is acceptable only to some extent in trading. Overdoing it might lead to losses since it is always advisable to follow the market trend and overall sentiment.

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People born in November also show high sensitivity to their surroundings. They tend to be empathetic, which could sometimes affect their own psychological health. Stress-related problems like depression and chronic fatigue are common. Traders should always understand where lines have to be drawn. Too much stress and anxiety only contribute to loss-making decisions.

On the whole, traders born in November have capabilities that can make them successful traders. Their creative and analytical thinking, fine and strong clairvoyance and trustworthiness makes them perfect partners for financial trading firms. On the other hand, they can be vengeful, possessive and sometimes too difficult to fathom, which can annoy others.

The month we are born can significantly affect our personalities. Knowing who you are can help you to create a tailored trading strategy that will keep your emotions and character in check.

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