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10 Twitter Handles to Follow for Brexit

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Everyone, from politicians to movie stars and even stand-up comedians, has taken to Twitter to comment about the ongoing Brexit negotiations and its implications for the European and world economies. This social media platform is an incredible space for financial insights and ideas. Even in 2016, while every other poll had predicted that Britain would stay in the EU, the Twitter sentiment analysis was telling a different story.

Some of the most important individuals in the European financial sector are active on this platform, posting regular market updates and individual opinions. Their Twitter feeds are a great source of regular information on Brexit developments.

1.     Jonathan Portes

Brilliant economist and author, Jonathan Portes teaches at King’s College, London, before which he served at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. His tweets are mostly devoted to economic issues surrounding Brexit. He is a senior fellow of the ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ programme.

2.     Danae Kyriakopoulou

Danae Kyriakopoulou serves as Chief Economist and Head of Research at the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF), an independent think tank for economic policies and central bank issues, globally. Originally from Greece, she is now based in the UK and knows about the workings of the UK economy.

3.     Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson is the Chief Business Economist at IHS Markit. He has extensive knowledge and 20+ years of experience in publishing PMI surveys and other global economic indicator reports. He regularly shares useful charts pertaining to the UK and EU macroeconomic movements.

4.     Donald Tusk

As the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk has firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of the Brexit negotiations. Fortunately, he is a regular tweeter and doesn’t shy away from addressing fallacies in the ongoing process. Follow his feed to get regular updates on the EU markets.

5.     Guy Verhofstadt

The former Belgian Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, is one of the key Brexit negotiators on behalf of the European Parliament. Almost 324K people follow him on Twitter, where he not only talks about the negotiations but EU’s stance on various global issues.

6.     Brenda Kelly

A trader by profession, Brenda Kelly regularly posts updates on the EU and UK markets; right from oil prices to British stocks. Her Twitter feed could be an important source of insights about the effect of Brexit on the financial markets.

7.     Mike van Dulken

Mike van Dulken provides plenty of information related to macro data and market analysis in the EU and UK. He is a financial commentator and the Head of Research at Accendo Markets. You will find plenty of interesting articles and chart analysis on his profile.

8.     Erik Fossing Nielsen

The former Chief European Economist at Goldman Sachs, Erik Nielsen has also served at the Danish Central Bank, World Bank, and the IMF. Currently, he is the Group Chief Economist at UniCredit in London. Watch his Twitter feed to get great perspectives on the EU economy.

9.     George Magnus

The former chief economist at UBS, George Magnus is an economic commentator, author, and consultant, who has been opposed to Brexit right from the beginning. He currently serves as a macro-economic associate at the China Center, Oxford, and SOAS.

10.Philip Hammond

Ending the list is Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond. Another person who is right in the middle of all the action, Hammond shares essential news and analysis of daily events in the UK. Check out the latest economic indicators and their implications on his Twitter feed.

Apart from these, if you are looking for more Brexit news, follow the European Central Bank on Twitter to stay on top of the monetary policies in the region.

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