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A Day in the Life of an Affiliate

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After some interviews, some back and forth with Orbex Partners and from my own experience, of course; I have narrowed down the most common practices that shape the work day of a freelance affiliate.

Morning Routine

Imagine your work day beginning as soon as you wake up in the morning. That’s the daily schedule of a freelance, committed affiliate where work does not require you to even leave the house. You can just grab a coffee and get to work in your pajamas, or stop by a coffee shop, or work from the beach. Who cares?  As long as you have an internet connection, it’s a working day!

The thing about working independently is that you have to be hands on constantly as you are operating on your own. Staying informed and productive in all the areas of your operation is a must. A fundamental aspect of this process is being able to keep up with your statistics, track them and optimize them. The tools you use such as Google analytics and AdWords are there for a reason, they’re there to allow reflection of performance, so these things need constant adjustments.

Keep up to date with the latest news

The second priority is to keep up to date with the latest news and updates in your niche. In our example you should check trading news. What are traders after these days? Is your content sufficient to them? What’s an emerging market you can use for added influence? These are the kinds of questions running through the forex affiliate on a casual Tuesday morning.

Your website

After going through some adjustments and reflecting; your next task better be to step on over that website of yours and keep your eyes peeled for anything that may inhibit a positive user experience.  This part should only take a short period; the improvement of your website is something that happens gradually. For example, maybe you want to optimize the code for where people leave a comment or add a new share button, or make something more aesthetically pleasing!  Just a few clicks here and there before you get to the juice!

The real game is attracting more and more people to your project. This means earning legitimacy online through exposing yourself to directories and other websites that can create backlinks to you and you to them. The more networked you are online, the better. So affiliates spend their days connecting online and gaining as many shares, likes, and interactivity as possible.

Daily schedule: Midday

By ‘mid work day’ the Affiliate now can move onto reviewing and updating  their promotional content such as  button ads, banner ads and advertisements offered by brokerages. An affiliate must stay tuned with the companies they are advertising for, constantly on the lookout for new creatives or promotions, etc. Let’s not forget you should take the time to communicate with your Partners and other Affiliates out there.

All about communication

After all that hard work it’s time to check emails. Staying active and communicating with your subscribers is of utmost importance. Whether you’re sending out newsletters or replying to questions and feedback, it is something that needs to be done in a timely fashion to show professionalism and to keep people coming back of course. Meet your deadlines.

Depending on how many Partners you have in the industry you may have some time left for yourself at the end of the day! However, you can still reap the benefits of your free slot. Things like forums and chat applications such as telegram are great ways to enhance your business while still being in a recreational mood.

Just a brief overview to give you an idea of how hectic the day of an affiliate is, so stand your ground and make sure you are dedicated before you enter this territory. Orbex gets many rookie Partners, and most of them succeed by the end of it because they reap advice and stay in touch. If you’re not on it, get out of it. In this program, we work as a team connecting knowledge with practice in a beautiful exchange of ideas.


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