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Forex Affiliate FAQ: Your Questions Answered

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The sum total of every Forex Affiliate FAQ you’ve ever asked can be found by asking yourself the right questions, so pay attention and get your answers through self-reflecting.

Why are affiliates important to brokers?

Let’s start from the very beginning, why are Affiliates important to Brokers, and on a grander scale to any business. The answer is quite simple because personalised, direct and mass-credible advertising has a much wider impact on its receivers. Who do you trust more, the product itself, or someone just like you who has tried it out?

This simple explanation; raises the inevitable question. What do I need to do if I want to become an Affiliate?

The simple answer is; deliver content in a personalised and communicative way in order to translate what you are advertising so that it represents the product in a relatable and raw manner. The fancy, grandiose marketing is left to the company itself.

How do you succeed as an Affiliate?

Well, there is no single answer to this question. Evidently, the first step is to create a content relevant website. Make the composition as complex or as simple as meets your fancy; so long as you get a content quality finish product. The hardest part is reaching your audience. To achieve this, you need to heavily accustom yourself to the ins and outs of social media & marketing your content in order to penetrate all possible areas where people in your niche flock; in our case, traders.

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Where are the traders?

Social media is usually a starting point for many since you have the highest chances of getting reach on posts or ads. It’s called social for a reason, e-people flock there like bees to a hive. Start with at least one daily post; and remember, give people something they want to see.

Why bother with SEO?

The most important thing any Affiliate should shift their focus on is SEO. There’s a reason why Google is the strongest tool, and everyone uses Google. The internet is primarily used for the search of information. So it makes sense that the secret to the web’s heart is search engine optimization.

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How easy are you to find? What is your audience searching for? What keywords are they using?

Less popular SEO keywords can be more effective: forex # Fibonacci robot. This enables you to reach an audience that your competitors may have not gotten their hands on yet. What makes you special? Focus on those keywords if not equally to; more than main ones.

How do Affiliates make money?

Now, for the bullseye, how do Affiliates make money? It’s all about the results, three steps become clear here. Content > Reach> Conversion. When you convert clients; that’s when you are ready to make money. You are the mediator, so as soon as your audience turns into solid customers you can start receiving commission.

Ways of making money

Although there are hybrids and variations, in the forex world there are two prominent ways of making money, revenue share & CPA. The former is when the broker shares part of their profits with you. The latter is when the broker pays you part of the initial deposit as a one-time payment. The problem with CPA in my opinion is due to its temporary reward system it is likely shift an Affiliates focus away from growth.

Growth in the Affiliate world is necessary for the sustenance of your career. The two most important aspects of being an Affiliate is networking & expanding (online and offline). See a correlation with growth? And of course these values are morale for any successful business model.

How can you make money with Orbex?

The business model Orbex follows is based on exactly this business model. And although many prefer instant gratification, the Partners that make it here literally receive profits on the daily, yes in small parts but small parts which grow to 4/5 digit numbers by the end of the month. Of course it always comes down to how much work you are willing to put into it.

What are the costs?

The beautiful thing about being an Affiliate is that you have nothing to lose. You don’t pay an initial cost, there’s no money to lose. Of course, there are some investments regarding web development and maybe some paid advertising but in most cases the costs are minimal. Your main game, SEO, can be done by using free tools, for example google AdWords, and other interesting analytical tools that can put you on the right track. So ultimately it’s up to you how much you will invest in beginning this venture.

Do you have to sign an agreement?

As an Affiliate you are taking part in one of the most liberating professions, you are your own boss, independence is here. Keep in mind that since your broker trusts you to provide a service you will be required to declare your services, which are being a marketer and promoting the broker; in most cases you’ll be signing an Agreement. However, not to worry there are no limiting bounds; and remember such a venture is no easy or fast task.

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