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How to Use Fibonacci Levels in Technical Analysis

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Are you not getting results you were expecting? You should check to see if you are doing your technical analysis the right way!

Orbex presents a FREE webinar on one of the oldest and most popular trading tools – Fibonacci ratios. This tool is a powerful way to identify great trading opportunities, find entry and exit points, and improve your overall trading routine.

On our agenda:

Together with our Forex expert, Nour Al-Hammoury, you will discover various methods of Fibonacci analysis and the correct ways to apply Fibonacci tools to get more accurate results. Nour will explain step-by-step how to set up Fibonacci levels on your MT4 platform.

  • Find out how to analyze markets using Fibonacci tools
  • Start from basic methods and shift to more advanced technique
  • Check the most common traders’ mistakes while using Fibonacci levels
  • Combine Fibonacci levels with other indicators
  • Live Q&A session

Claim your free spot now! The webinar starts on May 10 at 5 PM GMT.

The seats are limited.

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