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Five gift ideas for your trading buddies or for yourself

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As the markets slowly grind to a halt, what better time than the end of the year holiday season to take a break from the markets! For the retail traders who are usually trigger happy in executing trades, taking a break for a week does some good. The markets will be going nowhere as institutional trading desks take a break with price action largely muted, if not flat.

A good break from the markets, which includes not just chart watching and scalping but also a break from following the financial media can give you a fresh set of eyes as the New Year dawns. It is also a time of giving gifts to friends and family. For those who prefer to use a wish list or even if you want to gift your trading buddy this season, here are five gift ideas that will certainly help you in your trading endeavor over the coming year.

1. Bull Bear Bronze Sculpted Statue

Bull Bear Bronze Sculpted Statue (
Bull Bear Bronze Sculpted Statue (

The fight among the bulls and the bears is an eternal and a never ending fight. As the markets head into a new year, what better way than to remind you of the forces that act on the markets. Are you a bull heading into the New Year or are you a bear? No matter what, the Bronze sculpted stock market Bull Bear statue can grace your trading desk. The statue weighs approximately 6 pounds and can also be personalized, making this a gift that be customized for your trading buddies. The item currently costs $69.99 with free shipping in the U.S. But of course you could always make use of third-party shipping services that will pick up the gift item and deliver it to your home country.

2. Wall Street Movies

If you are a movie buff (and who isn’t) building your own collection of some of the top classic finance oriented titles can be a great gift idea either for yourself or for your friends. You don’t need to buy the movies from and there is most likely your regional online retail store selling DVD’s.

If you are stuck for ideas this list of finance movies from IMDB is a great place to start. Some of the titles include:

  • Wall Street (1987)
  • Wall Street: Money never sleeps (2010)
  • Margin Call (2011)
  • The Big Short (2015)
  • Rogue Trader (1999)

3. Smartphone/tablet display and mounts

If you trade off a single screen or computer but looking for ways to add some noise to your trading such as live commentary or something similar, you can simply make use of internet radio, apps that are widely available on all smartphones. Having a good display or mount can be easy for you to access your smartphone or tablet with relative ease.

iPad display mount(Car seat). Apple store
iPad display mount(Car seat). Apple store

Check out the Apple display and mounts section which gives you tons of options for any type of setting. If your car has Wifi, Apple also has a seat mounted display options for your smartphone or tables.

4. Subscriptions

If you are concerned about the delay in shipping, then the best alternative is to simply gift yourself or your friend a subscription to either one of the trading journals or subscription based reputable news websites. For ideas, you can check out this post on the various magazine subscriptions that are available or you could simply purchase subscriptions to, or CNBC Pro among other websites.

5. New Computer

A computer, desktop or a laptop is perhaps the most essential element of your trading. Despite tablets and smartphones taking over the good old PC, you still need the trusty old computer especially if you want to conduct extensive technical analysis or keep notes. If your computer has been out of date or slow, this would be a perfect time to gift yourself a brand new PC or a laptop. There is no shortage of options or ideas here. You can either go for the off-the-shelf stuff or you could even build one with custom configuration yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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