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Elia Navarro: “My Big Goal Is to Make It to the Crossfit Games in 2018”

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The life of an athlete with an endless cycle of championships, workouts, strict diets and unfortunate traumas, just before crucial starts, is rarely exposed. The audience has a chance to witness only the moments of glory and see a glowing winner’s face.

Today we will talk with one of the most successful CrossFit athletes, Spanish champion and a very charismatic person, Elia Navarro, about her life in sports and recent victories.

Last time we interviewed Elia in January when she won the WODWARS Competition in Cyprus and took part in an amazing Orbex video.

Nice to see you again, Elia. Could you please update our readers on what have you been doing after WODWARS competition in December?

Ever since WODWARS, I had been training really hard. This May, Orbex gave us [WODWARS winners] an opportunity to visit the Eleiko Training camp. So we had a big trip to Sweden, where we were training and getting the motivation to start this competition year. It was a fantastic camp and, I can assure you, we enjoyed a lot.

Did you set new goals for this year?

As for goals, I wanted to try competing this year all around Europe. Competitions in Spain, Italy, France, and Hungary are already in my schedule. I have already started implementing my plans as I feel in a really good shape!

Did you change anything in your training process?

I have changed my personal coach and, of course, my training approach has changed a lot. Now I’m working with Lacee Kovacs, who is so attentive, caring and professional. I am very happy with him; I think we two are doing a great job. He is a superb athlete and trains some other athletes like me.

How many competitions did you participate this year (So far)?

I have competed in two for the moment and won both of them. First was in Italy, Monopoli, it was called ‘Southern Warriors.’ The second one, the ‘Battle of Stars’, was in Italy as well.  Every victory for me is special and each competition tests me to give my best and makes me grow as an athlete.

Can you tell us a bit more about your new title that you won in Italy?

The last competition was in Salerno, Italy, in the very end of July. It was quite a big event with 250 participants, and various categories, like women and men, Rx women and men (this was my category), Master +35 women and men, and Master +40 women and men also. In RX we were 20 girls and 40 men.

The competition was a first time ever event, and organizers did really well: the workouts were funny and hard at the same time, and I enjoyed a lot, though it was not easy to win!

How do you see your future in sports, what are your next steps and main challenges?

My goal for future in sports is to be an active competitor for as long as my body follows me! I love competing, and I love coaching, so it is what I do and hope to do for a long time.

I take care of myself, and I get to know myself better every day, every competition helps me with this, and my big goal is to make it to the Crossfit Games in 2018, so it’s still a long way to run and lots of hard work ahead. I am very focused on this goal, and I am sure I will make it true.

Orbex Team wishes Elia future victories and can’t wait to see her in Cyprus again!

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