USDJPY 2016-06-27

Jun 27 2016, 2:23 pm



Market drop in fast action as U.K voter decide to leave EU which spur demand for safe haven

market managed to hit 98.90 area where market still anticipate that any prices below 100.00 may spur Japan Central Bank to intervene at market to weaken the Japanese Yen

so far technical seeing resistance at 103.20 where as long as market holding below this zone another drop will be expected toward 100.00-70 zone

as we see over the chart, market now looking for testing 94.90 support zone which may drive for big rebound correction from there

  Support Resistence
Level 1 100.70 103.20
Level 2 99.80 104.10
Level 3 98.90 105.70
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